Monday, 19 March 2012

Third Day

Packing for this adventure turned out to be a little tricky. Actually not the packing of the suitcases as much as the creative arrangements we had to make to fit them in the van. We were able to fit all of our own stuff into our luggage as well as a few big suitcases for the kids and people here in Mexico. We were quite pleased with how we fit in all the things we wanted to bring. Packing the van was another matter of course. I didn't want to put on the rooftop carrier because the van we were renting had none, and I wanted to make sure it'd fit!  So as it turned out, I did need to be creative in the van packing. Our bags were just that much too big to fit in the back as I'd hoped. happy to say, thought that the van we rented has deep storage containers and a couple additional storage areas.

The kids had lots of fun making the trip down to San Felipe. Before we left they didn't seem to uptight or nervous and I was wondering how they'd do on the plane, but there was really very little butterfly activity.  
When we arrived in LA, we had to change clothes at the airport to feel more comfortable! Needles to say it was a little warmer than 'sleeting in Seattle'. In El Centro, our second night's stop, it was nice and hot. we had snacks and a small dinner. The kids wanted to go into the outdoor pool, but it was still quite cool (temperature), and so we played 'dutch blitz' instead. 

Day 3 morning we packed up and I picked up the last Starbuck I'd have for  while. Dave and Beth showed up at about 10am, and we zipped down into Calexico (just north of the border) to pick up some groceries for the week. After that, and exchanging some cash for pesos, we zipped through the Mexicali border (and all the detours from roadwork in Mexicali) and drove through lots of new scenery for us.  We literally zipped through the border.  No stopping of answering any questions.  Lots of others were getting the red light but our van and Dave and Beth's car just got waved on through!  Praise the Lord!

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