Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Day 1 "send me on my way" - Rusted Root

Day 1
Victoria- missed the boat.
Vancouver- said good bye to my folks and watched the clouds roll in.
Seattle- beautiful weather at the border crossing followed by clouds then a wee bit o' rain then clouds very low dark clouds, sleeting rain and snow. Then almost blue skies again.
So far its looking kinda like the journey of life eh?

We talked to some folks at the hotel about the weather, checked out the extreme forecast for southern California and thought about life again.

How would YOU look at it? what is it you actually look at? Is it your problem or situation or your future?  You are also creating your own destiny by how you look at these times in your life.
I like to spend some time just putting the problem to rest. You know - drop it and let it go. No reason to hold on to it! I really dont want it. really.

So here's to moving ahead into the unknown, uncomfortable or the crazy.

I'm beginning to understand the crazy.

I might just go live there.

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