Friday, 16 March 2012

San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico!!

Day 2
It all started with #3 commenting this morning on the hotel orange juice: "looks like we're drinking highlighter ink..."
We had a hoot getting to the plane and talking to people like Bob and Butch from Index, WA. Now that I know it exists, it sounds like a place I'd like to visit. Sorry Butch for bringing up LEGOland. (** insert longer story here**). Well then there was Holly from JetBlue Airways that helped us along and a sweet woman and her brother from Guatamala that gave us directions at a viewpoint along the i5.
After driving through San Diego and stomachs started growling, I thought that InandOut burger would be a great American treat. Of course once the navigator saw the place there was a quick alteration to the plans and we were back onto hwy 8 to El Centro (EC)
FRMs (Flatulent Release Moment)s were called frequently as we drove South, and windows were up and down all the way from LA to EC. Needles to say that FRM quickly turned into Flatulent Release Mode!
Day 2 was exciting and boring at the same time. Apparently 2hr driving stints are too long, even after last summers 8hr treks to Terrace. Wow guys...  Chill out.
We should also note that the hot tub here was fairly cool and the outdoor pool even cooler! Apparently from May to August there's absolutely no need for indoor heated when the temp outside is 120F...
Thinking about meeting Dave and Beth tomorrow morning and then heading to San Felipe together!!

Quick Note: we're one day behind making these posts. We ARE in San Felipe and will post again a little later... when we can get this wireless again.  

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  1. Keep posting! I am looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in Mexico!