Monday, 19 March 2012

DAY four

Day 4

Today was a day of meeting the San Felipites.  We met at the 'breakfast diner', a church-built building that is located on the outskirts of town. It's a meeting place for locals to come out and have breakfast. Lots of kids, teens and some adults come out to for food and for some learning about the love of Jesus. In a culture built on religion, the local church is building an outreach of teaching that it's not about doing, or about Mother Mary, but a relationship with Jesus Christ and that He is accessible to them!  This community shows God's love by going out and reaching into the lives of the townsfolk by meeting the people where they're at. 


Today we went out to talk and pray for people. We ask about meeting their needs by offering to fix things in their homes or pray for healing - physical, mental and emotional. We saw people in various kinds of living conditions but all in extreme poverty by our standards, yet they are proud of what they have and care for it.  We were able to pray for a family with a 23 year old paralytic, her mother and family, a man who accepted Christ, a mother and her young girl, her other two young teens, a family with a new 3 week old son, and a young 7 year old girl on her bike following us.  
What a privilege to speak life into the lives of these people!  Gods people!  They are so open to hear about Jesus.  We are constantly reminded of what is important in our lives.  Relationships and our walk with our Father in Heaven!  May God bless you all in your encounters.



  1. Thanks for the updates! It's great to hear that you were blessed with safe travels and are blessing lives in San Felipe.

    The kids look like they're adapting nicely!


  2. Looks amazing and beautiful and I love the Jesus updates. You are blessed and will BE such a blessing! Enjoy every moment!