Saturday, 24 December 2011


Hey everyone!
I just wanted to say Merry Christmas Eve!!! :) So here I am doing that... well anyways, that's pretty much all i really wanted to say but i guess i could add something else. I'm writing on center right now so everything i write is centered. Teehee! 
But anyways, I'm writing a story! For part of language arts, i am writing a story.

(mom and dad don't read this part pllllllease!!!)

This is the part mom and dad can't read...

I'm giving the story the mom and dad when i'm done it! But who knows if they read this or not i don't really know if they saw a little part of this but whatever. It'll just be there fault they ruined the surprise. :)

Ok mom and dad you can read again.

We are going to a Christmas Eve service tonight, (also known as a candle light service but i don't call it that.) and our grandparents are coming over. What are you doing on Christmas Eve? Comment and let me know! You don't have to, I know for some people they would rather not share what they are doing to other people so thats fine but if you want to i'd love to hear what your doing! :) 

So have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Boxing Day whoever is reading this! 

jAmesA eNsiNg

(You know once I wrote 'james' instead of 'jamesa' and i was so ticked at myself! And yo know what's funny... well its not really funny, but to some people it might be, but it underlines 'Jamesa' in red squiggly, but not 'James'. Its veeerrrrrrry annoying if you name is Jamesa.) 


  1. Love reading your updates! So good! :) Love Leah

  2. Thanks! Hope your having an awesome year!