Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hey there again!

So, whats new with you? You can answer me later... I'll tell you about MarketDay in the mean time. 

MarketDay was awesome, it went really well. Just so you know... standing for 6 hours is really tiring. My feet were really sore afterwards!! But anyways, i sold almost all of it. All my mints went! Oh, maybe i should tell you what i did. Would that help? And maybe i'll tell you about what MarketDay is because i seem to have forgot that too. Silly me! 

Well MarketDay was a 7 week homeschooling course i took with i think 23 other homeschoolers. We learned about micro-finance and business. During that time, we  all came up with a product to sell at MarketDay on November 29, 2011. Mine was beanbag games and little mints that i made. I don't mean to toot my own horn, but i thought they were really good. They were the kind that melt in your mouth. Yum!! 

Moving on, i also had single beanbags, and you could also get it gift wrapped for an extra dollar. But no one seemed to want it gift wrapped. I think 2 people got it gift wrapped. But thats okay. The prices of my games were $5 for a beanbag game that includes 3 beanbags, (all homemade), and a list of things you can do with them. Like games and challenges. $2 for a single beanbag, but if you already bought the game, it was only $1. I also had homemade mints as you already know, for $0.25 for 5 all wrapped up pretty in a package. :) I sold out of those. So all in all it was a success. For me anyway, i don't really know about anyone else. 

What to say, what to say.... Oh! Well you can tell me what's new with you now! Go ahead i'm listening. ... ... ...                                 Hello?? Are you still there? I know, you're too speechless about what i said to say anything your self! Well that's okay, i understand. Most people are speechless after i talk. :D (i'm pretty sure most of you know that i'm kidding, but just in case you don't, i'm just kidding.) :) 

I better go, so it was nice talking with you!! 
Ta ta for now! 
jAmesA eNsiNg

PS. By the way... did you like the picture?? Comment if you like it!!! I like it so i guess i'll comment too. :) 


  1. Here i am!! !! !! !! !! I like the picture, so heres my comment: Nice picture self! :D Oh, why thanks self! Your too kind.


  2. Great Picture Jamesa! Seems like just yesterday you were lying there like that...oh... and GREAT job on MarketDay! Your business looked good and you even made a profit! It was very cool to see it all come together and you worked very hard to make sure it did... WEll DONE! xo Mom