Thursday, 26 January 2012


Hey there everyone! 
Wow no one has posted since Christmas?? Ack!! Well i'm posting now so don't worry! I guess it's just been busy around here. So i'll update you on what's happening! I suppose that's what this is for... but anyhoo;

After Christmas, was New Years Eve, and New Years Day, (they kind of go together like that you know?), and we had um, i think 5 families over? And 1 1/2 families slept over. So it was a full house! But we had tons of fun. After New Years, my grandparents moved to Vancouver, we helped pack. Then Liam had a lego thing in Vancouver so we visited my grandparents while we were there. And then it was my birthday!! And i wasn't planning on having my birthday party until February because we were really busy in January. BUT... 

Duh duh duh.....

My parents planned a surprise party for me!! And boy was it a surprise... Let me tell you about, and if you don't want to hear it, just skip this whole part until the green line at the bottom. :) One day i was innocently reading comics downstairs, (and that day was Jan 21, the day before my birthday), when suddenly, my mom calls me,

 "JAMESA!!!" and i answer, 

"YES?" and she says, 

"Go make you bed! The sheets are done drying!" and i say 

"OK!" but i don't do it until 7 mins later when Liam decides to tell me to do it again, and then i do do it, but i was mad at Liam for telling me. So i very quietly stomp to my room and kick the door open gently, (but i was wondering why it was closed because i had left it open when i was last in it.), and then there's a bright flash! And 4 girls standing in my room yelling, 

"SURPRISE!!!!!!!!" Which of course freaked me out so i screamed and jumped backwards out of the room, and then i realized it was 4 of my closest friends and they're all laughing at me, so i decide it wouldn't be very fun of me to not laugh so i do and it turns into a huge laughing fit from all of us. Turns out they caught it on video... :P But anyways, then i said, 

"Well what now?" and they said, 

"We're sleeping over!" and i said, 

"You are?!?!?!" and they said, 

"Yup!" and i was so happy! So we had dinner, (which consisted of lasagne, garlic bread, and veggies. but i was kind of bummed because my dad said that the second lasagne was for a lady at our church that had just had a baby, but it was really for us, so they lied to me! Not hooray.)
But anyways, after dinner, they blindfolded me, and stuck me in the middle seat of the van squished between two girls, to make sure i didn't peek. (which of course i wouldn't.) And then they drove down to the bowling ally, but didn't know where we were going, and whenever i asked a question, they didn't answer or told the wrong answer. So when we got there, they got me out of the van, and then took me inside and made me guess where we were, I got it on the first guess. :D So we went bowling. 
When we got back home, we had desert, and watched 'Phantom of the Opera'. It was so much fun, we stayed up until 1:20am. :) In the morning we had breakfast and two of my friends went home to go to church, and two of my friends came to my church. When we got home, we had lunch and went to the breakwater. Which was soooo much fun, because it was really windy, so the waves were crashing up on the side of the breakwater, and we all got soaked. Then my other set of grandparents that didn't move to Vancouver came over, and so did my cousin who lives in Vernon but was here for a few weeks on a job. He's getting married on the 29th of January! So excited!! :) But anyhow, then everyone left and we had dinner and went to bed. Well actually my grandparents and cousin stayed for dinner. But then they left too and we all went to bed. That was my birthday weekend!! 

Anyone who didn't want to read about my birthday can read now!

So after my birthday, well, my birthday was only 4 days ago. But we are going to Missions Fest this weekend! While we're there we'll visit my grandparents again. 
That's what's happening with the Ensings!

"And that's a wrap! Good job Jamesa." 
"Why thanks! See you next time i write a blog post?"
"You bet!" 
"Um, i think we're still rolling..." 

"Oh sorry boss. I thought you said, 'I dropped the bat'." 
"Why would i say that?"
"Well i don't know i was a little confused." 
"Just cut the camera Bill."

jAmesA eNsiNg

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  1. Jamesa,
    Your blog post is hilarious!! Sounds like an awesome birthday suprise.
    Happy belated birthday,
    ~The Akkerman's