Saturday, 26 November 2011

Serfing in the Kingdom

People keep asking me: “Duane, how the homeschooling going?”.
“Great”, I reply with a big smile on my face, “cuz I’m not the one teaching it”. 

Fact of the matter is that everything you do, your kids learn to do. So unfortunately there’s a lot of body sounds and faces that occur - yes, even at the dinner table. But all of this is a in a fun environment and is done in a way that we can act on an ‘outcome’.  Dog sitting? There’s an outcome. Making dinner? Outcome. Watching a movie? Outcome. Grocery shopping? Outcome. Thanksgiving? Black Friday? Cleaning the floor? Scrubbing the toilet? Outcomes. In each one of them. Market day and Lego league? Definitely learning and outcomes.

We the King and Queen, are trying to develop our little feudal kingdom here to include honouring each other, specifically amongst the little kingdom serfs and their land right-issues that arise on each other’s respective ‘turf’, and with the peasants that interfere in the said affairs of the minute.

Ah, but I digress. I love this little system and the mini-serf, peasants, villains,  merchants and lords under the king and queen’s reign. Each day is different, each fight fought valiantly, and grace and mercy most often prevail. (Serious crimes were heard by the King’s court , all other crimes were punished by beatings or having their hands and feet were tied together and they would be forced to eat worms or cooked tomatoes, or both)!

Mwwaaaahahahah *insert evil laugh here*


  1. Wow dad, what an evil laugh. Why would the Kind and Queen do that to such innocent subjects? And just so you know, those innocent subjects can read what you are writing so now we know your secrets... Mwwaaaahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Love Jamesa