Friday, 18 November 2011

Hello Again!!

Hey I'm back!! Sorry i just had to add that picture. I'll probably add a picture every time i write just so you know... :) 

I don't really know what to write but i felt like writing because no one else has since i did last so i shall again! But anyways, i'll just tell about what type of yogurt i'm eating! I'm eating frozen cherry yogurt. Frozen yogurt is amazing. A lot of things are amazing. 
So right now my siblings are putting on a 3 minute play where you have to pay 2 cents for a muffin and 1 cent for a ticket to come, "follow the signs! Sit where your name tag is." I just went to watch it and it was really cute. It turns out it was actually 2 cents for a ticket, and 1 cent for water. You get ice cubes if you pay an extra cent. Life these days, you have to pay for everything!! :D

I forgot to mention a few things before that i was doing also, i babysit on Fridays and we also go skating on Fridays with a bunch of homeschoolers. It's pretty fun seeing and talking with everyone there. 

I can't wait for winter!!!!! Partly because Christmas and my birthday are in winter, but also because i love snow. Some people don't like snow but i have no clue why, it's so white and fluffy and shiny in the sun. And cold... but  still. :) 
I have to go now, we're going skating!! It starts at 1:40, but Dominique and Evan want to be there early so they can have full time on the ice. I don't think they know how early they're going to be though seeing as its 1:10. 

Toodles everyone!!! 
Talk to you later
jAmesA eNsiNg

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