Monday, 14 November 2011


It has been an amazing Fall in our beautiful province and city this year.  We are privileged to have a lovely view from our living room window that shows the dramatic change of colors.  This year has been especially vibrabt.   Maybe I'm noticing more because I find myself home a bit more these days.

The other night Duane and I were out on a date...yes!! a date! :) and we drove up Mt Doug to see the city at night.  As we drove down Mt Doug rode all we saw were carved pumpkins lining the road.  It was such a great site to see all these perfectly in tact beautifully carved pumpkins!  The view from the top is also spectacular and we stood there for a bit like we used to do when we were dating staying out as late as possible.  We thought it would be fun to go home and pick up the kids to come and drop off their pumpkins and walk up to the lookout at the top of Mt Doug which we can see through the "far lookers" from our house.  The kids thought we were crazy pulling them out of bed and telling them to put on their shoes and a warm coat and to grab their pumpkins!  They were definitely intrigued!  It is amazing to me how something so little had such an impact on them!  They kept saying how fun that was and they keep talking about it.  When we tuck in Evan and Dominique they often ask, "Can we go on another adventure tonight??"  that is just one of the perks to homeschooling...the spontaneity and flexibility.  Having said that... there is often the other side of those great things too.  Having too much flexibility can be tough for someone who tends to procrastinate.   I do have moments when I think we are not going to get done what we set out to do!  I had a dream last night that it was the end of the year already!  I guess my sub conscience is thinking more about this than I thought...

All in all thought I think we are moving along at a good pace. The kids all say that they are having a great year when they are asked how they like this so that is good.  It feels very normal to me.  I am amazed really at how normal it feels.  Someone said that when we step into what we believe God is calling us to do then it will feel normal.  That makes sense to me and I am grateful that we are all feeling the same way!

We have begun to seriously look into mission trip options.  It is a bit daunting to start this process knowing how much there is to it...where to go, how to get there, language barriers, medical considerations, and more!  Somehow I have an inner peace about it all though.  Is that another confirmation of stepping into what God is calling us to do or is it just pure ignorance?? I don't know for sure right now...I do know that if we are meant to go and we continue to put ourselves in the position of going, then God will will take care of it!  "Trust and obey, for there is no other way..."

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying God's faithfulness in your lives.  He is faithful.  His mercies are new every morning.  This is something I need to tell myself daily at times.


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  1. Hooray i'm the first to comment on this blog, good job mother dearest.
    Love you! Jamesa