Friday, 13 March 2015

Yesterday I found myself thinking about the Grandfather I never met. He was a bee keeper in The Netherlands and died During WW II, When my Dad was just a young 9 years old. I was cleaning bee hives - the white square wooden box kind - of all the left over bees wax. It felt special to me to be doing something I know my Grandfather That Would Have done many times in His lifetime. :)

Duane and Liam continued to map out the prayer garden Duane That drew plans for the last time we were here and Dominique, Jamesa, and Evan spent the better part of the day doing odd jobs for Darrell and Maureen.  

We were privileged to sit in on the music lesson of some of the kids here. Some are learning to play the guitar and the piano and some of them are all part of the choir. Man, They can sing !! It was beautiful to hear the kids belting out songs about the love Jesus has for them. We pray that what they are singing is going deep down into their heart! I was in my element as I sat down beside one of the girls and Helped her learn to play Here I Come To Worship on the piano. :)

Being here has been such a gift after the pace we were living before we left. God knows what we need and is eager to give us good gifts!  

Today will be a mix of work and play. We are headed to the migrant camps to visit and play with the kids there as well as La Bufadora  
Tune in tomorrow for a peak at today! 

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