Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Time is so strange When you travel. This morning we woke up in Seattle and esta afternoon we find ourselves in Mexico! All Went so smoothly today from shuttle busses picking us up at 5:30 a.m. to flights, to rental vehicle, to finding our way-through Tijuana and driving across the border without even stopping, driving-through to Ensenada and finding our way to Urupan! Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow !!  

Have Three years passed but it feels like yesterday That We drove up the hillside to visit the Mount of Olives orphanage. God has-been so faithful to this mission as we can see from the Changes That Have taken place here. At the top of the mountain stands a beautiful building now houses teams That When They Come here to work to complete with rooms full of bunk beds, a bathroom, a huge kitchen, and a picturesque "living room" complete with fireplace and big windows overlooking the incredible olive groves. Outside is still a work in progress and Duane will leave a phase 2 plan for the prayer garden / fire pit area. The massive bolder That the kids Climbed 3 years ago has not moved (ha) Which we spotted as we turned off the highway and made our way up the hillside.  

The last time we were here we came from the other different direction so we prayed for God to show us the turn off to Urupan so we would not miss it and I did. It is amazing how the sights and fun Become so familiar again!  

We feel so privileged to be here again, to share in the work of this amazing mission, and to Strengthen the ties that so Quickly Grabbed us 3 years ago. The kids are off Already exploring and taking pictures. We are looking forward to seeing the resident kids later today or tomorrow and Have An Excursion planned to visit a local "camp" where some of the kids That meat from live here. These kids Have very little and live in poverty. We will bring some of the soccer balls That We Have with us and play some games with them, and leave them some other needed items That Mount of Olives supplies.

We are Being called for dinner ... more to come later!   We are so thankful for each day and for the opportunity to be here together. Thank you, Jesus !!

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