Tuesday, 3 April 2012

homeward bound...

Hello friends!!  It has been a while since we posted as we have been Soaring Over California, rumbling throughThunder Mountain, and driving through Autopia...what a transition and what a thrill to be here in California bumping into Mickey Mouse and Chip and Dale.  Disneyland is truly a memorable place to be.  Our kids have worked themselves up from Goofey's Go Coaster all the way up to the California Screamer....even Mom rode the Screamer!!  (and SCREAM I did!!!) 
After spending a night at an amazing mission called Mount of Olives just south of Ensenada we headed to California.  The drive from San Felipe to Urapan where the Mission is located , www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxaw02k71yg  was spectacular!  Driving through the mountains and desert.  We spent an enjoyable night there getting to know the founders Darryl and Maureen and meeting the different house mothers.  The grounds are amazing.  We felt like we were in Italy as we looked over the olive orchards.  I am so glad we took the time to go there and see another possibility for families to go and serve. 

We left Thursday morning for California and decided to take the adventurous route through Tijuana.   This drive was also stunning!  We were driving along the coast and felt almost at home again overlooking the beautiful, rugged, Pacific Ocean beaches with their rolling waves.  It was so beautiful!!  Driving to the border in Tijuana as an experience in itself.  It didn't take as long as we thought it might so that was a blessing.  All along the way there are venders selling their wares...coming to your car showing you what they have to offer and promising you the best price... :) Liam was very happy to find a Mexican soccer jersey and did get a very good deal!!  I was thankful not to be the one bargaining...If it were me I'd probably pay them more then what they are asking...

so, we arrived at our destination in time for the complimentary drinks and snacks time and settled in for the night preparing to get up bright and early the next day.  It has been such a great family time for us this week too!  So often I was in awe just watching our kids share this experience together.  We walked through Disney in two lines of 3...one parent and 2 kids...hand in hand.  It was fun having the different combinations of kids on my hands.... sometimes the 2 oldest, sometimes the girls, sometimes the middle two...we are sooooo blessed!  It was also fun watching the kids interact together.  It's been 3 weeks of full on family and they are still happy and having fun together!  :)

So today is our final day....we plan to go find a beach for a while and then come back to the hotel and pack up.  Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers!  We are so thankful for this time and look forward to sharing stories with you all over the next weeks.  
Blessings to you from all of us!


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  1. Sorry...the link doesn't seem to be working...if you want to google Mount of Olives, Casa Hogar, Urapan Baja California Mexico.